Le Family Practice

“People Treating People”

Our family medicine practice is patient-centered, evidence-based, and guided by integrity.

We believe that healthcare should be:

  • personalized and compassionate, so we try our best to take the time to listen attentively and communicate openly, because strong and trusting relationships are foundational to good health.
  • comprehensive, because the body and mind are incredibly complex systems.
  • collaborative. Our primary objective is to provide medical / scientific explanations that you can understand, to help you actively participate in deciding between diagnostic and treatment options. We favor trying to investigate the underlying the causes of symptoms, and see prescription medications more as potentially useful tools than pills that cure.
  • high in both quality and value because you deserve both.

We look forward to the opportunity to care for you!

Contact us:

Our goals are to be as accessible and responsive as realistically possible to our patients. Until we go live with our electronic health / medical record (EHR/EMR) system Athenahealth, you may contact us either:

[Sections below still under construction]

NEW patients will have to fill out some intake forms.

CURRENT patients will have access to Athenahealth’s patient portal, which contains medical records (test results, past visit information, etc) and allows for:

  • appointment scheduling
  • prescription refill requests
  • secure communication with the healthcare team.

Medication and Authorizations

Accessing medical authorizations typically involves obtaining the necessary permissions and documentation to view or retrieve medical records, treatment plans, or other confidential healthcare information. This process often requires proper authentication and adherence to privacy regulations to ensure patient confidentiality and data security.

Educational Resources and Links

For a comprehensive collection of educational resources across various subjects, visit the link provided. It offers an extensive range of curated links to further expand your knowledge and enhance your learning experience.